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“CG has recently re-emerged as a powerful jazz talent.”

This is a “one take” recording of CG Thomason with CG JAZZ, the four piece, live performing, “So What”-Miles Davis.
(Photo of CG and Lolly – Funky Blues Shack, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA)

“This is a “one take” live recording featuring a really nice medley on solo piano by CG.”

Here CG performs this beautiful and haunting progression that will certainly move you.

“Below is a “one take” live recording captured in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, and is exactly how the group sounds in concert. No other effects or enhancements were made to this track. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this music.”

“THE GUY IS DYNAMIC!” CG feels the music and his natural energy and performance style takes you places when he plays that piano. CG is a natural. Real piano, Rhodes, saxophone, upright bass, and drums makes CG Jazz a truly great live musical experience!
– “Magic Man” Robert Don – Magician & Comedian